• Marjan Artnak Gozd6 2

    Springs of Kočevje

    A cycling route where you can admire many attractions of Kočevsko.

    • 31.50km
    • 3:00h
    • 280m
    • Moderate
  • 01 Vasja Marinc Kocevsko jezero 3 2

    The Deer Route

    An ideal choice for an all-day escape to nature. Along this bicycle route, you will discover numerous sights of the town and nature of Kočevsko.

    • 61.50km
    • 4:30h
    • 850m
    • Moderate
  • 13 Vasja Marinc Zaga Rog 2 3

    The Doe Route

    Cycling route which takes you to the heart of Kočevski Rog.

    • 51.0km
    • 4:00h
    • 800m
    • Moderate
  • Roska pot 2

    Rog Hiking Trail

    Marked with a bear’s paw symbol, the trail is a real opportunity for several days of exploring the forests of Rog region.

    • 64.0km
    • 18:00h
    • Hard